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Ok so, what is Legacy SRB2 Network?

Legacy SRB2 Network is a project trying to recreate what once was the original SRB2 1.09.4 - 2.0 experience in a gigantic netgame. The project is still on the works, tho.

But why?

Why not?

1.09.4 - 2.0 was one of the best epoches of the game, and it is considered by lots as "The golden era of SRB2". We are doing this for the nostalgia of lots of people. And why not?. That's why.

How do I join the netgame?

It's easy peacy.

Download AutoPunch, open SRB2 (Specified Version) open AutoPunch, click SRB2 in the autopunch window, and click "Punch!" then, insert the Specified Version IPV4 into the join by IP section in the multiplayer section. Then, tada! You are in!