Please read the following rules and regulations before proceeding to the chat room.

1. Generally speaking, keep #LSRB2N to 'PG-13' content and use your own common sense as to what's allowed or not allowed in the channel.

2. You're welcome to talk about just about everything in #LSRB2N, although discussing the following is prohibited: sex, pornography, hacking and warez in all forms, ROM distribution (although discussion on ROM hacking is permitted), sexism, racism, homophobia and other hate-related discussion. If you begin to talk about this you will be kicked with a warning, then banned if you repeat the offence.

3. Mild profanity is allowed in the chatroom, unless used in needless excess. Using stronger profanity will result in a warning, followed by a kick. Continual violation of this rule will result in banning.

4. Excessive flooding and nick-changing will be dealt with a warning-kick, before being banned.

5. Keep any arguments you have with other channel members outside of the chatroom. If the argument proceeds, BOTH offenders will be kicked and if they rejoin and cause more trouble, will be kick-banned until the issue in question has been resolved.

6. Treat others in the chat-room as you would expect them to treat you. If someone is giving you hassle, try and talk to them about it first (please also note that the '/ignore' command is useful here). If they won't listen, voice your complaints to a moderator, who will take it from there. Please have logs of chats to hand to show us. Ban lengths will depend on the severity of the harrasment.

7. Begging for ops quickly annoys the moderators. You'll be told to stop before being kicked. Ops are awarded over a period of time in the channel and depending on your behaviour, if you have contributed to the chatroom, this will also be taken into account. Please don't bug asking us "When will I be opped" - that is for us to decide and asking us only hinders your chances of recieving ops.

8. Bots ARE permitted on the channel, PROVIDING that there is not a needless excess of them (the channel ops will let you know when this limit has been reached), and that they do not end up flooding the channel through use of scripts (particually 'game' scripts). Bots with potential flooding scripts will be kicked, and the bot's owner will be warned to turn off the script. If the bot continues to disobey this, the bot will be kick-banned, possibly along with it's owner.

9. These rules and regulations are enforced at all times. Logs of the chat are continually made and can reffered to at any time if need be. Minor offences will result in a warning or a kick.

More notable offences will result in kick bans, usually for an hour or two. If you continue to violate these rules, you will be given a 24-hour ban. If, after all this, you still decide to break the rules of this chat-room, you will be banned indefinately and/or completely from the service.

You have been warned.

This board is maintained by channel moderators at all times.

How to get to the chatroom:

1. Firstly, you'll need an IRC client - the most popular one for Windows seems to be mIRC - which you can get at
You can also try the Libera.Chat Gamja Client

2. After installing it, load it up, and you'll presented with a list of servers to join. Instead click on 'Add'. For 'Description' enter 'Libera'. For 'IRC Server' enter '' and for ports, the default. You can ignore 'Group' and 'Password'.

3. You'll then need to enter some details - You don't need to enter your real E-Mail Address for IRC to work.

4. When you get asked which channel to join (should pop-up automatically) enter '#LSRB2N'.

5. Welcome to #LSRB2N!

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