Stjr has quite a long history, probably the longest in a Sonic fan game. It's also interesting, because two games come together to make one.

March 1997

    In Early 1997, A.J. Freda downloaded Jeff Read's little Sonic Doom add-on, which replaced the sounds and some of the player graphics. There wasn't much to it, so A.J. took it further, adding Tails as an enemy for those who wanted to relieve their frustrations with the little fox in Sonic 2. Not long afterwards, it was expanded to include Knuckles and many variations of these two characters. More graphics were changed and finally a silly plot was added.

May 1997

    Meanwhile, over in England at Johnny Wallbank's school, many kids couldn't understand why he liked Sonic. "Sonic's stinks, and Sega's dead! No new games are coming out!", they taunted. He took it to heart, and armed with MSPaint and Klik N' Play, began work on a game to prove them wrong, which later become known as Sonic Robo Blast.

October 1997

    Around October of the same year, work on Sonic Doom 2 was started. This time Tails and Knuckles were on your side, and it was up to you to stop Eggman. Aimed to be a 'Total Conversion', it included over 25 levels, all based on ones from previous Sonic games. Adding DeHackEd patches and even a little bit of source code modification, progress continued until November 1998. A.J. wanted to do more with it, such as include original Sonic-style gameplay, but couldn't find a C/C++ programmer that was willing to help.

February 1998

   The Sonic Zone was a popular website in its day, and one that A.J. and Johnny both frequented, unbeknownst to each other. Johnny finished up Sonic Robo Blast v1.3f in February 1998 and submitted it to The Sonic Zone. Coming across it and never hearing of a Sonic fan game before, A.J. was impressed with its story, length, and implementation. But the MSPaint graphics were horrendous. Thus began the first e-mail, simply offering help, planning to just make the graphics in SRB1 better. Johnny responded, accepting the offer, but because of the overwhelming popularity of Sonic Robo Blast, he wanted to use the help for his next game, Sonic Robo Blast 2. Being created in The Games Factory, an advanced version of Klik N' Play. A.J. agreed with the idea, and was set to do the character graphics and animate cut scenes while Johnny did the rest.

March 1998

    SRB2 got up to Zone 4, but didn't last long. Johnny soon started to run into problems with The Games Factory, being unable to incorporate the ideas he had due to the limited scripting abilities of the program. That's when he found someone to program it for us in C. Unfortunately, a few months into this new endeavor, the programmer was no longer able to help and so Johnny was stuck in a rut again. This is where Sonic Doom comes into play.

May - October 1998

    Helping Johnny find a solution, A.J. also came up empty-handed. Then he turned to SD2. Sure, it wasn't a real Sonic game by any means, but he knew, just KNEW he could get it to do what he wanted, someday, and somehow.  Telling Johnny his idea, he received two small drawn maps from him to test and see how they would turn out. It was a success, but there really was no other option.

September 2023

    But let's go to modern times. TuPanaElTails wanted to make a project. Hands off, he thinked about a lot of things. But what called him his atention for 2 years, is the Legacy of SRB2. Thus, he thinked... "Why not making a netgame dedicated to old SRB2?" And he thinked of a name, until he reached... Legacy SRB2 Network.

October 2023

    Immediately, made a thread on the SRB2 Forums, describing details of the project, but it didn't get accepted. He then started making his own site for this big project, and a ProBoards forum. Happy, he went to sdas' srb2 the past server to announce the site and it's forums.

November 2023

    There was a problem, tho. No one went to playtest! But out of nothing, when telling it back, a player in sdas' server known as 'DaStupidSonic' got interested. But the tool used to join the future servers was Windows only, and Sonic was from macbook. So TuPanaElTails told him about Wine, even tho Sonic knew of the macbook tool Wine. So here we are. The present.



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