Welcome to the official homepage of Legacy SRBII Network.


TuPanaElTails - (11/24/2023):
Welcome Back to LSRB2N!

TuPanaElTails - (11/24/2023):
What could have been.....

I thinked it would be nice to add a new layout to the site. LSRB2N's Servers were planned to open, but I couldn't complete the 1.09.4 Hub. So we are staying in Demo 3.

Stay tuned for updates!

TuPanaElTails - (09/Unknown/2023)
Yep, that's right.

They are done. No explanation, The Legacy SRB2 Network Forums

Questions? Comments?

Director & President / Organizational Questions / Hoster - Marcos 'TuPanaElTails' Ernesto.

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